Gestão de condomínio focada no futuro

When doing the management of the condominium, usually takes into consideration the current situation of the condominium, its needs for improvement, expenses among other things. However, a very common mistake made by condominium managers is to think only of the present. Efficient management should also take into account the future of the condominium. Long-term improvements or even planning can be taken into account in case of an unforeseen event. Managing the condo thinking about the future can bring many benefits, especially in the financial part.

Developing a Plan of Action

A condominium is like a venture and planning is something critical for condo managers who are always looking to improve or even keep this venture in order. The first step in this planning is the preparation of a plan of action that must be done by the trustee. In drawing up this plan of action, the liquidator does not have to stick to his mandate alone, since the law states that every condominium must have a liquidator, that is, the next liquidator can continue to manage the plans of his predecessor.

The plan must be approved by the condominiums to ensure that the priority is the will of the majority, avoiding that works or projects end up being stopped by questions of personal or even political interests. This plan must be valid and everything in it must be executed, except in cases of change by a new general assembly.

Good management focused on the future only brings benefits to everyone in the condominium and avoids a number of problems such as indefinite work stoppages and even sudden changes in management by a new manager who does not know the plans and strategies of his predecessor.

What should be plannedque deve ser planejado

Before starting the plan, it is always good to have in hand documents and information that will aid in its elaboration such as contracts, plans and account relationships. With this, the trustee can begin to elaborate a good plan of action.

One of the priorities in designing an action plan is maintenance to ensure everything is working properly. Also prepare a preventive maintenance to avoid unforeseen and more expenses with maintenance in the future.

Financial planning should be done taking into account all expenses and income, but always taking into account unforeseen circumstances such as lack of payment by some condominium or expenses with labor issues.

It is good that there is also a schedule of meetings with committees and councils, for example. The entire plan must be prepared in accordance with the convention and internal rules of the condominium, without forgetting the commitments of the condominium before the law to avoid expenses with taxes or fines.

Develop a clear and time-bound action plan. In addition to making things easier with clear and well defined goals, you can still value your work as a trustee and bring great benefits to everyone in the condo.

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  1. A grande questão é o como fazer as coisas, síndicos e administradoras não tem a disciplina necessária para se organizar. Na hora de fazer o planejamento dá muito trabalho e as pessoas deixam de lado.

    O caminho, mais uma vez, é o uso intensivo de tecnologia como ferramenta.

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