Regras para a alteração da convenção de condomínio

The condominium convention is a document that provides for the internal regiment of the condominium. Did you know that there are  rules for changing the condominium agreement?

It is worth noting that even if there are  rules for changing the condominium agreement,  they must always be in accordance with current legislation. This document, which is legal, provides for the entire operation of the condominium, from the apportionment of expenses to the punishment of violators and defaulters.

Some condominiums do not have a convention regularized in a notary’s office, but by law, if more than 66% of the residents sign the document, it becomes valid as if it were legal.

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Modelo de convenção de condomínio, qual utilizar?

Do you know any model condominium convention and know what it is? It can be decisive for you to choose the best place to live or work.

Regardless of the model of condominium, there is a document that records what should be the part of each resident with the contribution of tasks and how the condominium will administer it. This document is a model condominium convention.

This document also provides for other forms of organization, such as the use of common areas for residents, events, meetings, etc. But how to correctly choose a convention?

It is important, first of all, that she be registered in a notary’s office. There is a law that provides that even without registration, it is valid if at least 66% of the condominium owners have already signed up. Even so, to avoid any problem, it is best that it is registered.

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Papel do síndico na sociedade

A convivência em sociedade sempre requer a figura de um líder, alguém que saiba manter as coisas em ordem e funcionando corretamente. No caso dos condomínios essa pessoa é o síndico. Sua função vai desde a resolver conflitos entre moradores até questões de manutenção e melhorias no prédio. Por isso é tão importante a presença de um síndico no condomínio. Continue reading “Papel do síndico na sociedade”